About Us

Meet our Chiropractors


Dr Naomi Draeger,

BSc, BChiro, BA (Soc Sci), MBA

Originally from country Victoria, Naomi has been committed to health care for more than 20 years.

She spent ten years with the Western Australian government in public affairs & foreign trade of health services; six years in Director roles with Johnson & Johnson medical devices; & five years as an executive coach in leadership development for health professionals moving into management.

Naomi graduated in 2010 with a double science degree in Chiropractic, and was awarded the Chiropractic Board of Australia’s ‘Most Proficient and Professional Clinical Student Award’.

In 2013 Naomi was appointed as an assessor by the Chiropractors Association of Australia (CAA) to review products that seek CAA endorsement.


Dr Dietrich Draeger (Didi),

BSc, BChiro (Hons), MBA

Originally from Germany, Didi has been in the health care sector for over twenty years.  He spent eleven years in Director roles with Johnson & Johnson Medical in Germany and the Asia Pacific region.  He also provided executive leadership coaching to executives in the health sector for more than five years.

Didi graduated in 2010 with a double science degree in Chiropractic with merit honours, and was awarded the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Academic Excellence.

In 2012 Didi became a certified provider for Work Cover NSW.

Didi and Naomi established the Peak Performance Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Clinic in Terrey Hills in early 2011.

Their goal is not only to get patients out of pain and back to normal life as quickly as possible, but to help them thrive and be the best they can be, in whatever they do.

“Our treatment philosophy may differ a bit from the traditional chiropractic approach. While adjustments are performed to restore proper joint motion and help maintain good function of the nervous system, our clinicians also focus on muscles, ligaments and tendons with a variety of physical therapies like gentle mobilisation, muscle stretching, trigger point release, traction, flexion-distraction, heat and cold modalities, rigid and kinesio-taping.

In addition there is a third component to this unique approach. You will be provided with a tailored set of rehabilitation exercises which you can do at home, work or gym. This will help you get better sooner and stay healthier for longer. This rehab addresses shortened muscles, weak core muscles, poor posture, even the wrong way of breathing.

No one is too young or old for our treatment. Our patients range from 6 months to 95 years of age. Obviously the techniques used vary according to the patient’s preference and clinical requirements.

By the way, some of our patients never get adjusted, but we can still help them in other ways.

At the initial consult a thorough medical history is taking and a physical exam is performed. You will receive the report of findings with a proposed treatment plan. Once you give us your informed consent and there are no contra-indications or further examinations required, treatment can begin. The whole process can take up to one hour.”

Please bring all relevant information (x-rays etc) and comfortable sports gear (shorts, leggings, sports bras) for the physical exam.

Follow up appointments vary between up to 15 minutes for regular consults and up to 30 minutes for long consults. Long consults usually involve extensive soft tissue (muscle) therapy.